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Inspection Service
Russia and CIS (ex-USSR)

Combined techno-economical surveys of:

1.City utilities. Such us,"Munitipal water works", "City district heating sistems" , "Munitipal lighting", etc.


Industrial complexes, or single factory, or its workshops. (list of realised projects).
As result of performed combined surveys, we are issuing reports, which may consist, but not limited to: depreciable
value of an utility or industrial enterprise for ownership transfer, fixed assets evaluation, concessionary
agreements,arbitration cases, etc.

Расчет теплоизоляционных свойств ограждающих конструкций

"Techno-economic assessment" for capital investment projects may be produced also.
For modernisation, renovation (re-constuction), administrative structural optimisation. For munitipal utilities as an
single unit, or for it's separate services.

2.Performing airborne - thermal surveys of large populated places and huge technological complexes in accordance with
requirements of the customer.

3. Developing a " Scheme of district heating networks " of in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law "Heat
Supply in the Russian Federation " # 190, and SNIP 41-02-2003


4. Developing investment programs for large industrial enterprises , in accordance with the requirements of financial institutions.

 InfraRed surveys.

1. Thermal imaging diagnostics of electrical equipment, motors, machines, HV powerlines in accordance with RD153-34.0-20.363-99.
2. "Thermal imaging quality control of thermal protection of buildings" in accordance with the requirements of: Federal Law № 261-FZ "Energy saving and increasing of energy efficiency .. SNIP 23-02-2003" Thermal protection of buildings ", SP 23-101-2004 "Design of thermal protection of buildings", SNIP 23-01-99 * .

Airborne IR

3. Thermal Anomalies: Building/infrastructure heat loss mapping; Burning coal seam mapping; Emergency response; Vulcanology – lava domes, flows, geothermal fields; Snow and ice studies.

4. Environment: Change detection; Invasive species
Wildlife surveys; Environmental assessments.

5. Water quality and municipal water supply: Chlorophyll, total suspended solids; Pollution presence, identity, & distribution; Thermal mixing. Potable water network inspections (prevention and localisation of leakages)

8. Search and Rescue / Emergency Response:
Forest fire thermal mapping. Hotspot mapping. Oil slick mapping. Sea/land search and rescue.


Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Non Destructive Examination (NDE), and Non Destructive Inspection (NDI) are used by our team for:

Welded joints tests.

In most welds, quality tests based on the function for which it is intended. There are a few core ways to tell if a weld is correct :
- Distribution
- Waste
- Porosity
- Tightness
- Leak Proof
- Strength

Manufacturing, fabrication and in-service surveys help

- to ensure product integrity and reliability,

- to control manufacturing processes,

- lower production costs and to maintain a uniform quality level.

 During construction, NDT  tests required:

- to ensure the quality of materials and joining processes during the fabrication and erection phases.

In-service NDT inspections are used to ensure that the products in use continue to have the integrity necessary to ensure their usefulness and the safety of the public.

 NDT methods, include, but not limited to:

IR - Thermal/Infrared Testing

UT - Ultrasonic testing

PT - Penetrant testing

ET - Eddy current testing

MT - Magnetic particle testing

VT - Visual testing

alongwise with

PMI - Positive Material Identification in concordance with API 578 procedures.

in use by our NDT level II - III,  experts

Certification body

List of Electrical Testing Services.

Megger Test

Circuit Breaker Testing

Fall of Potential Ground Test

SF6 Circuit Breaker Testing And Maintenance

Hi Pot Testing

Generator Testing

Ground Fault Testing

Power Cable Testing

Power Transformer Testing

High Voltage Testing

Power Quality Audits - enables in depth system’s analysis of the transient and often undetected power conditions within a particular system that can be harmful. They show whether or not power specifications are being met and uncover underlying problems that might cause particular systems to not be up to par. Our expert’s will perform a power quality audit on each particular system by:
•Assessing power quality throughout facility
•Identify harmful power problems that can infect data and hardware.
•Provide ways and options to correct potential threats to the health of valuable equipment
•Determine if existing power infrastructure capacity is being approached or can accommodate planned growth.

Harmonics - the study consists of harmonic distortion data collection and analysis of the data in order to design solutions and recommendations to fix the problem.

Power Factor Correction - we will determine the ideal power factor for your distinct system and take preventative measures to ensure smooth flow, decrease system losses, and minimal differences between real power and apparent power in the circuit.


List of  measuirment tools and devices.

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Technical Inspection Services Russia, ex-USSR

ISO 17020 2012


We provide our inspections as Independent body of the parties involved, and we do not engage in any activities that may conflict with our independence of judgment and integrity in relation to our inspection activities.

 In particular, we cannot be engaged in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, purchase, ownership, use or maintenance of the items inspected.

We are "ISO 9001-2015 Quality management systems. Requirements" certified "Tech. inspections and expertize" service providers.



Verifying Quality Validating Quantity


Our Services


Project QA/QC (Welding, Piping, Mechanical, Civil and Structural)

Welding Inspection (Piping, Pressure Vessel, Bridge and Commercial Structures) NAKS certificate, level 2.

Vendor Inspection at source location. Mechanical Inspection (rotating and stationary equipment)

Civil / Structural Inspection

E&I Inspection

 Coating / Painting Inspection NACE Level 2

Third Party Inspection (TPI) services

Pre-shipment inspection


Spray PU thermal insulation



Applications of  spray PU foam.


Common Residential Spray Foam applications::
Attic Floors ,Attic Rafters, Crawlspaces Basement, Walls Rim, Joists and Sill Plates, Filling Existing Walls, HVAC Ductwork. Under floors – Seals Against Moisture and Temperature, Filling Cinder Blocks Metal Buildings – Seals, Insulates, Stops Condensation & Adds Structural Stability  Pipe Insulation  -129 to +93°C , Floors - Sound Deadening Between Rooms or Floors , Garage Ceilings, Roofing Sealing..


....to be continued






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